If you are claiming exemption from sales tax, your state specific form below must be filled out and submitted to our tax department for review. E-mail to

Ship-to(s) and bill-to (s) to be made exempt must be included.

KVM Tools Inc. is the seller’s legal name.

All parts of the form need to be filled in including signature and date.

Alabama Resale/Exemption
Alaska No Sales Tax Assessed
Arkansas Resale
Arizona ResaleExemption FormBorder State Form
California ResaleBorder State Form
Colorado Resale/Exemption
Connecticut Exemption Form
Delaware No Sales Tax Assessed
District of Columbia Exemption FormResale Certificate
Florida Resale Certificate
Georgia Exemption FormO/S Dealer
Hawaii Resale
Idaho Exemption Form
Illinois ResaleMPCEquipment Exemption
Indiana Exemption Form
Iowa Resale/Exemption
Kansas Machinery & Resale
Kentucky Resale & Machinery
Louisiana Exemption Form
Maine Resale CertificateExemption Form
Maryland Exemption Form
Massachusetts ResaleExempt Use Certificate
Michigan Exemption Form
Minnesota Exemption Form
Missouri Exemption Form
Mississippi Resale
Montana No Sales Tax Assessed
Nebraska Exemption Form
Nevada Resale
New Hampshire No Sales Tax Assessed
New Jersey Resale & Exempt Use Certificate
New Mexico Resale, Border State Form
New York Resale CertificateExempt Use Certificate
North Carolina Exemption Form
North Dakota Exemption Form
Ohio Exemption Form
Oklahoma Resale/Exemption
Oregon No Sales Tax Assessed
Pennsylvania Resale/Exemption
Puerto Rico Exemption Form
Rhode Island ResaleExemption Form
South Carolina ExemptionResale
South Dakota Exemption Form
Tennessee Resale
Texas Resale or ExemptionMaquiladora CertificateBorder State Form
Utah Exemption Form
Vermont Exemption Form
Viriginia Resale/Exemption
Washington ResaleExemption Form
West Virginia Resale/Exemption
Wisconsin Exemption Form
Wyoming Exemption Form
Multistate Form
Streamline Exemption Certificate
Border States Certificate